Powhatan Salt Company

Powhatan Salt is the cavern solution mining operation of Energy Storage Ventures and is responsible for developing, constructing and operating solution mining facilities including drilling wells, fresh water intake and injection equipment, solution mining in the Salina salt formation, and the withdrawal and transport of brine to be used as feedstock in a regional chemical plant.

Brine disposal presents the greatest challenge to new NGL storage cavern development in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. Powhatan Salt was created to mitigate this issue. Through an exclusive agreement with a regional chemical plant, Powhatan will direct connect via a 10″ brine pipeline to supply brine for chemical plant operations.

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Mountaineer NGL Storage

Mountaineer NGL Storage will construct a multi-cycle NGL storage system that will include a saltwater impoundment structure. Mountaineer will also develop NGL load-in and load-out delivery systems, including rail, truck, and pipeline. During the first phase of the project, the saltwater impoundment will handle 3.25 million barrels of saltwater, or an amount equivalent to Phase I and Phase II NGL storage capacity requirements.

Mountaineer’s Phase I design is to develop four 500,000 barrel NGL storage caverns. NGLs, including butane, propane, and ethane will be stored in each of the solution-mined caverns created by Powhatan Salt in the Salina salt formation. Mountaineer NGL Storage owns 100% of the mineral rights to all Salina salt formations below its 200-acre site.

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